Hello world!

webJust got back from a week of fun in Utah.  5 radio interviews and live performances AND my first official single spin on the RADIO!  Thank you MY 99-Five!  It was a blast.  Thank you to all the fans who have been calling in and asking about my song “You’re so Good For me” that is featured on the Lagoon Park Campaign.

Radio was so fun!  (Besides the waking up early part- I went to bed when it was still light one night.)  I love the banter and the off the cuff sorta attitude of each DJ.  101.5 Keith Stubbs was one of the most interesting interviews.  He really cared to ask me about myself and my music and had such great energy.  x96 Radio From Hell,  was a fun bunch as well…(Gina, thank you for taking the time to understand my lyrics.)  KZHT 97.1 was a thrill.  They originally inspired the entire radio tour.

I have such great people on my team and feel totally blessed to have so many fantastic talented people routing for me and helping me each step.  Matthew Williams was up early snapping shots of the interviews.  Matt Hodgson was there as well, as this whole campaign stemmed from those commercials that were a  “Bunch of Magic”- Tracy Chapman 101.5.   Jon and Jeff were there too, keep things rolling.  Chuck Myers on the keys backin’ me up.  The whole thing was a smooth working machine.

It looks like i’ll be back next week for a couple other appearances..so stay tuned.  Don’t forget, “You’re so good for me” is now on itunes and the new music video (Directed by Matt Hodgson and DP Matthew Williams) will be available on itunes in a week or so.

Thank you for all your love and support!



  1. hey i love “your so good to me” everytime i hear it i want to know who it is i just wish they would play the hole song and not just the lagoon version. i was so happy when i heard you on 97.1 zht i cant wate for your cd!! and i have to tell you i very rarely buy cds just cause i can afford them 🙂 but i am going to try to make a accaption!! love love love your voice keep up the good work!

    1. I am thrilled you love the song that much. I hope you love the whole album. I will be in Utah doing a live show at Lagoon next week performing some new tunes. I hope you stay in touch. New music soon- Thanks again for the love and support!

  2. i, like alot of people here is utah, have fallen in love with your song “you’re so good for me.” PLEASE post the lyrics to that song in your blog, or e-mail them to me. something. anything. i NEED them. otherwise, i fear, i may go insane.

    1. The lyrics are up 🙂 Hope to meet you at Lagoon this weekend. I am in town doing some live shows.

  3. i saw you at lagoon friday! you are amazing!:] i wish i would have had the courage to sing with you though:] o well well i am very ecxited for your new album. :]

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