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Inspiring and coaching others on how to connect to their voices in a powerful and confident way to achieve success in all areas of life – from the professional workplace to communication and self-expression in every relationship. Let me introduce you to your voice.


  • Your Valentine’s Love Song – Free Download - My gift to you this Valentine’s Day. Free Download of “Oh You’re The One” Love Song – Featured in the “O is the One” Commercials
  • Keep Your Voice Healthy All Winter Long - Keep your voice healthy this winters with these simple tips. Singers AND NON-singers…we all need healthy voices. Your voice is your communication. A healthy voice means a healthy body. If you suffer from allergies, wake up with a sore throat, always get the flu in the winter, these health tips are for you. I’ve been […]
  • Help for Tired Voices Help for Tired Speaking Voices - Is your voice tired by the end of the day? I heard a story the other day of a teacher who told his students, he couldn’t answer their questions on break, he needed to rest his voice for lecture because he was experiencing vocal fatigue. I have another yoga teacher who came to see me […]
  • 3 Tips for Better Singing 3 Tips For Better Singing - Singing is my New Resolution! Is learning how to sing or improve your singing on your new year’s resolution list? You are not alone. I have had a few new clients come to me with this very goal this holiday. So if that’s your goal, here are 3 simple things you can start doing today […]
  • 5 Steps to New Year Resolution Success 5 Tips to Stick to Any New Year Resolution - Well it is that time of year again...the holidays have us scurrying about to wrap up this year and start thinking about what we want for next year. It is a time to get a little retrospective. What worked this last year? What do we want to change this year?...Here are my 5 tips on setting yourself up for success sticking to your resolutions this year. (And every year.)
  • Connect To Your Voice - Can anyone learn to sing?  This is a question I get quite often. Well, the answer is, yes. We all have the ability to connect to our voices, it’s a powerful and effective tool and part of who we are.  You may not be Celine Dion, but anyone has the ability to connect with power […]
  • Singing and Songwriting Advice from Joseph Eid - Allow me to introduce Joseph Eid, a prolific and profound songwriter and singer based in the Los Angeles area, but can be seen on tour worldwide. Joseph has been named one of the 100 Hottest Live Unsigned Artists of 2012, 2013, and 2014 by Music Connection Magazine. You can hear what the well-deserved buzz is […]
  • Singing & Songwriting Advice from Dina Valenz - I had the pleasure of meeting and performing with Dina Valenz in Portland, OR last year for Matt Boydston record release show. It was a fantastic night of music and talented performers. Dina’s songs were playful and sharp and her voice carried her songs with strength and a beautiful sound all her own. Dina is […]