Connect To Your Voice

Connect to your voice Sonnet SimmonsCan anyone learn to sing?  This is a question I get quite often. Well, the answer is, yes. We all have the ability to connect to our voices, it’s a powerful and effective tool and part of who we are.  You may not be Celine Dion, but anyone has the ability to connect with power to his or her voice.

I am continually observing a sense of self that emerges from my clients as they begin to discover the strength and even just the sound of their own voice. It is almost like claiming a part of who you are, that you have been removed from your whole life. It is empowering and liberating. I am on a journey to discover more about the link between the voice and the person.

Wether it is a speech, a song, or a conversation you are having with a loved one, your voice is the vehicle that gets your point and emotion across. If you are supporting your voice, in touch with your voice, aware of how you are using it, you can eliminate vocal fatigue and get a more pleasing and projected sound…but more so- you can speak, sing, make sound, with confidence. And with that confidence comes a sense of risk taking. And how do we accomplish things in this life…by taking risks, by putting ourselves out there, by knowing who we are so well that it doesn’t matter what other people say or do…we stay on course, we speak our minds and we move toward our dreams.

I am in the early stages of uncovering the science behind this all, but I can tell you I am seeing it over and over again in each of my clients and it is quite impressive- the power of introducing yourself to your own voice. You have all you need, you just have to claim it, commit to it, and a little proper breath and vocal support doesn’t hurt either.

The voice is the connection between the heart and the head.

Do you have similar observations or have you felt a personal pull toward connecting to your voice? Please share and let’s discuss.

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