Well it is that time of year again…the holidays have us scurrying about to wrap up this year and start thinking about what we want for next year.

It is a time to get a little retrospective. What worked this last year? What do we want to change this year? Now is the time to take a few moments out of your day, sit with a pen a paper, and write down your goals and desires for the New Year. I know New Year’s Resolutions can seem a bit cliché – but the truth is, it really is a great time to take inventory on where you are in your life and where you want to be and set those goal markers. There is something inspiring about a new start.

Making the resolutions is the easy part, sticking to them is where the work comes in.

Here are my 5 tips on setting yourself up for success sticking to your resolutions this year. (And every year.) Special thanks to G.M. for helping me set and stick to my goals based on the advice below.

5 Tips for your new year resolutions

  1. Write it down – Declare your goals this year. Tell the universe (and yourself) what you are going to achieve this year! Get specific.
  2. Break it down – What are the steps you must take to achieve this goal? You can’t get to the top of the mountain without a lot of steps between the bottom and the top. What are those steps? Get specific and REALISTIC.
  3.  Schedule time – Get out your calendar and schedule real-time where you devote to your new goal. If you wait to see if you have time, there will be no time. Carve out REALISTIC time for the specific steps that makes sense in your schedule.  Make your weekly/monthly calendar and schedule in the action you will need to take to achieve your goals. It is better to take a long time to reach the top of the mountain rather than sprint half way and not be able to sustain. Devote realistic time each week.
  4. Take action: Keep motivated and on task by achieving one step at a time your goals. When you become overwhelmed by the big picture it can be paralyzing. Follow through on your scheduled steps, keep the steps manageable and realistic so you can stick to the action.
  5. Gratitude – This is the most important step in sticking to your goals because if you practice keeping a light and grateful heart you will enjoy the process of sticking to your goals and follow through on them. Take a moment each day to practice gratitude for where you are in your life, the process and lessons you are learning along the way, and the journey of achieving your goals. Can you be gentle with yourself to allow yourself the joy of learning and doing, rather than beating yourself down every step of the way? Give yourself the space to achieve rather than the pain of not being enough.

If singing has been on your resolution list, make 2016 your year.

Vocal lessons are more than just learning how to sing, it is learning how to use your own voice to support your express, your opinion, and your ideas; it is honing a tool we all poses, and creating a more confident, empowered, and dynamic self.

Are you ready to begin your singing journey?

Let me help you find and connect to your true voice.

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Connect to your voice Sonnet SimmonsCan anyone learn to sing?  This is a question I get quite often. Well, the answer is, yes. We all have the ability to connect to our voices, it’s a powerful and effective tool and part of who we are.  You may not be Celine Dion, but anyone has the ability to connect with power to his or her voice.

I am continually observing a sense of self that emerges from my clients as they begin to discover the strength and even just the sound of their own voice. It is almost like claiming a part of who you are, that you have been removed from your whole life. It is empowering and liberating. I am on a journey to discover more about the link between the voice and the person.

Wether it is a speech, a song, or a conversation you are having with a loved one, your voice is the vehicle that gets your point and emotion across. If you are supporting your voice, in touch with your voice, aware of how you are using it, you can eliminate vocal fatigue and get a more pleasing and projected sound…but more so- you can speak, sing, make sound, with confidence. And with that confidence comes a sense of risk taking. And how do we accomplish things in this life…by taking risks, by putting ourselves out there, by knowing who we are so well that it doesn’t matter what other people say or do…we stay on course, we speak our minds and we move toward our dreams.

I am in the early stages of uncovering the science behind this all, but I can tell you I am seeing it over and over again in each of my clients and it is quite impressive- the power of introducing yourself to your own voice. You have all you need, you just have to claim it, commit to it, and a little proper breath and vocal support doesn’t hurt either.

The voice is the connection between the heart and the head.

Do you have similar observations or have you felt a personal pull toward connecting to your voice? Please share and let’s discuss.